Create accessible & inclusive digital experiences for all

If you own a website and it’s not accessible for individuals with disabilities, you are in violation (RIGHT NOW) of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) according to recent court rulings and legal precedent. Every year, thousands of companies are sued over ADA compliance. Ignorance is No Excuse for violations of this 1990 Act!

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It just makes really good human and financial business sense to be inclusive with your digital content while making your products and services accessible for all members of society. What can you do to make your website more accesible?


The ADA gives people with disabilities the right to file lawsuits in Federal court and obtain Federal court orders to stop website ADA violations. Are you really ready to lose Time & Money for things you should correct? Would your competitors expose your website flaws?


It would be ideal if there was a one size fits all ADA website solution. Unfortunately, there’s not. Our ADA Overlay is a step in the right direction, but it’s only a part of your solution. To be truly compliant requires a full line by line website assessment. 

Accessibility-as-a-Service (AaaS)

You've worked hard building your business! Why roll the dice with your online commerce presence?  Why tarnish your company's reputation, deplete your bank account, stress yourself out all for a preventable Federal discrimination lawsuit?

Your 24/7 solution to maintaining ADA digital compliance is making a decision today to install our affordable All-In-One SaaS Accessibility platform for all your digital properties; websites, mobile websites, products and services. 

Don't let your competitors catch you with your ADA guard down! Our ADA Assist makes perfect sense!

The All-In-One Accessibility Assist Cloud Platform . . .

Congratulations! Your company's new, cloud based, online digital accessibility program now includes all of the accessibility tools, widgets, expertise, training, and support you need to display your digital content across your websites, mobile apps and products in a simple, affordable monthly or annual ADA Assist subscription.